All Saints Day Festival - 10/31 Fishers of Men - Port Isabel

Celebrating with the community the God of the living! (Mark 12:27; John 6:69)


RGV Youth Kickball and BBQ! October 27th 4pm

Fun Kickball game between the Green and the Blue team!



Thanks to Simon and Immelda for barbecuing!


Thanks Brenda for the great devotion and games!


Youth Kickball and BBQ Gathering


  • Was held on Saturday, Sept. 22nd @ 5 p.m. at the Christ Corner Baseball Field . 
  • Over 30 youth and adults began in prayer on the baseball field and had such a good time that they can't wait to do it again soon. 
  • Special thanks to Bernie Zamora and Rafael Reyes who barbecued, Smiley Sanchez who provided snow cones, and Suzzanne Wehling for a delicious potato salad.


Cinema and Religion: Movie Night


August 11th - Brenda Segovia's house

Brenda and Krista Pena hosted a movie night to finish Krista's summer DCE internship with RioMAC. 

The RGV youth watched the last Harry Potter movie - "Deathly Hallows" part 2. They enjoyed the fellowship pizza, popcorn and drinks.

Krista closed with a devotion and prayer. The youth saw good and evil symbolism in the movie which led to a good discussion of good and evil in the Bible, and Christ's resurrection. 

Krista returns to Concordia entering her Junior year. God's blessings!!

Vacation Bible School

July 23rd-27th

From July 23 -27, 2018, a high energy, wet and wild VBS was held. The ch

VBS at Immanuel was a wet and wild adventure ride  through the Bible, from Moses in the basket to Paul's shipwreck to Jesus' baptism. Concordia's Splash Canyon taught the children how God is faithful and keeps His loving promises in Jesus to all His people!