Church Services Resume May 10th! Thanks be to God!


May 3, 5:29 PM

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Church Services will resume May 10th!

 We’ve been looking forward to the day that we could gather again. We give all glory to God for helping us through all the past weeks of sheltering. And we give thanks to God for all the mothers who have especially guided their children during this time. So, we celebrate a reopening of congregational worship and Mother’s Day!

Our Safety Coordinator, Gary Mitzel has been busy putting together a Standard Operating Procedure to help us stay safe for the reopening. What follows is a summary of the SOP.

Two questions will help us reopen smoothly.

 1. What should I expect during Phase I?
2. What is expected of me during Phase I?

1. What should I expect during Phase I?
• There will be cones in the parking lot marking off every other parking space to provide a safe distance

• The service will be outside on the basketball court (weather permitting) to receive the benefit of the UV sanitizing rays and to aid in spacing and cleanup.
• There will be a sanitizing station at the gate to hand wash with running water and soap.

• There will be a table inside the gate to pick up a mask (required), disposable gloves (optional) and a bulletin, an offering plate will be available to place your offering as you leave

• Use of the hallway bathrooms is limited to one at a time

• Chairs will be set up facing Washington St. in singles and pairs at 6ft distance apart. More chairs can be added for larger families on the outside of the rows. There will be chairs set up under the hallway cover for shade.

The May 10th service will be a non-communion service and the May 17th service will be a communion service.

• The service liturgy will be spoken to reduce the projection of air that accompanies singing. There will be choral hymns to hum along with or speak.

• There will not be Bible class after the service. The online Bible study continues to be available for family time.

2. What is expected of me during Phase I?

· A lot of love and patience for each other! Each of us is making inconvenient self-sacrifices so that others can have the confidence of a safe environment!

· You are kindly requested to:

  1. - Stay home if you feel sick,
  2. - wear a face mask at all times (except to receive the Lord’s Supper—more information to follow).  The church will have some masks on hand to provide.
  3. -wash your hands at the outside washing station before entering
  4. -maintain a 6 ft. safe distance at all times and to refrain from sharing the peace,  handshaking and hugging.

· Members over 65 are strongly encouraged to stay at home according to the Texas District, county and governor’s guidelines, and continue receiving spiritual strength through remote means. This is an individual health decision. The sermon, bulletin and hymns will continue to be available on the church website.

· Much prayer to God for the continued safe opening of our church and our sister congregations!

God’s blessings, Pastor Weber