Sunday Bulletin 12-2-18


Can’t Stop the Rejoicing that Jesus Has Come 

(Luke 19:37) 

Last Sunday of the Church Year Bulletin 11-25-18


You’re in Charge of the Master’s House! Therefore….Watch!(Mark 13:35) 

Thanksgiving Day Bulletin 11-21-18


“Call upon me in the day of trouble. I will deliver you. And you will glorify Me. ” (Luke 17:18) 

Sunday Bulletin 11-18-18


Don’t Let the Troubles or Worries of These End Times Stop You from 

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus!(Mark 13:10) 

Sunday Bulletin 11-11-18

"The glad hearing and giving of God's saints" (Mark 12:44)

Sunday Bulletin 11-4-18

"What a saint you are!" (Matthew 5:2-12)

Sunday Bulletin 10-28-18

"Abiding in Jesus' Word" (John 8:31)

Sunday Bulletin 10-21-18

"Jesus makes our impossible salvation His mission reality!" (Mark 10:27)

Sunday Bulletin 10-14-18

“What must I do to gain eternal life? …Follow the Way, the Truth and the Life - Jesus!” (Mark 10:21)

Sunday Bulletin 10-7-18

"Teaching Greatness in Honoring Marriage and Bringing Children to Christ" (Mark 10:14)

Sunday Bulletin 9-30-18

"Seasoned by the Spirit and His Word to Serve on Jesus' Side" (Mark 9:40)

Sunday Bulletin 9-23-18

“Served First by Jesus to Serve Others First with His Love”  (Mark 9:35)

Sunday Bulletin 9-16-18

“Lord, I Believe. Help My Unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

Sunday Bulletin 9-9-18

“A Touch, a Look, a Sigh, and Jesus’ Word, `Ephphatha’, Opens Heart, Ears, and Mouth” (Mark 7:34)

Sunday Bulletin 9-2-18

“The way to a man’s evil heart is not through his stomach but through Jesus’  Word” (Mark 7:14)

Sunday Bulletin 8-26-18

"God's word saves sinful man - not man's traditions!" (Mark 7:13)

Sunday Bulletin 8-19-18

"Eat the Bread of Life and abide in Jesus" (John 6:56)

Sunday Bulletin 8-12-18

"Eat the Bread of Life and Live Forever"     (John 6:51)

Sunday Bulletin 8-5-18

Jesus is the Bread of Life who takes away our spiritual hunger (John 6:35)