Ash Wednesday Bulletin 3-6-19

"From the Dust of Sin to the Righteousness of God" (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Sunday Bulletin 3-3-19

"Tis good Lord to be in Your house and that You are with us on the plain" (Luke 9:33)

Sunday Bulletin 2-24-19

"Deliberate agape loving to all" (Luke 6:36)

2-24-2019 Seventh Sunday after Epiphany 8 (pdf)


Sunday Bulletin 2-17-19

“For the Son of Man’s Sake You are Blessed” (Luke 6:22)

2-17-2019 Sixth Sunday after Epiphany 7 communion (pdf)


Sunday Bulletin 2-10-2019

"Our new Fishing partner - Jesus!" (Luke 5;10)

Sunday Bulletin 2-3-2019

"Who is this Holy One of God?" (Luke 4:34)

2-3-2019 Fourth Sunday after Epiphany 5 communion (pdf)


Sunday Bulletin 1-27-19

"Hometown Hearing Test" (Luke 4:21)

1-27-2019 Third Sunday after Epiphany 4 (pdf)


Sunday Bulletin 1-20-19

"Trusting whatever the Bridegroom says and does" (John 2:5)

1-20-2019 Second Sunday after Epiphany 3 communion (pdf)


Sunday Bulletin 1-13-19

“Baptized in Jesus with the Holy Spirit and fire” (Luke 3:16)

Sunday Bulletin 1-6-19

 "Our Gentile Christmas" (Matthew 2:1-12)

New Years Eve Bulletin 12-31-18

 “God’s little flock counts down…watching for the Master!”

(Luke 12:32)

Sunday Bulletin 12-30-18

 “The big reveal” Luke 2:32

Christmas Day Bulletin 12-25-18

"The Greatest Christmas Exchange" (John 1:12)

Christmas Eve Bulletin 12-24-18

 Living the dream this Christmas and always: “God with us”, our Lord Immanuel! (Matthew 1:23)

Sunday Bulletin 12-23-18

"Leaping for joy at the visit of the Lord!" (Luke 1:44)

Sunday Bulletin 12-16-18

"We are sent to see and then proclaim the Coming One!" (Luke 7:18-35)

Sunday Bulletin 12-9-18

"Caution, soul road construction ahead!" (Luke 3:5)

Sunday Bulletin 12-2-18


Can’t Stop the Rejoicing that Jesus Has Come 

(Luke 19:37) 

Last Sunday of the Church Year Bulletin 11-25-18


You’re in Charge of the Master’s House! Therefore….Watch!(Mark 13:35)